We are a chef driven bakery that exclusively uses heritage wheat in our products. These grains have never been hybridized, are grown in certified organic soil, and are tested rigorously for purity. We believe that life is too short (and precious) to eat bad bread.


At Heritage Breads, we like to keep things simple. We make artisan bread that is as good for the body and planet as it is delicious. We are committed to educating  people about the power of eating heritage grains and local, sustainable, organic foods.


We are one of a kind- a new breed of chefs and bakers that demand the highest quality of heritage grains. No chemicals. No fillers. No weird ingredients. This is what our ancestors ate before gluten became an issue.


Chef Jonathan Kaye

"As a chef you must never stop learning. The day you stop learning is the day you need to get out,"  says Chef Jonathan Kaye. The Le Cordeon Bleu Culinary Instructor started a professional challenge: master a new cuisine each year. He started with sushi, followed by the  world's most complex cuisines. In 2013 he picked bread. "I am a professionally trained chef, and chefs don't cross over to the other side. But I wanted to do something completely different and really challenge myself," he explains.

As a long time champion of high quality sustainable foods, he partnered with Sunrise Flour Mill and began baking with heritage wheat. In 2015 he ended his career at  Le Cordon Bleu and launched Heritage Breads. "Baking challenges you in a way that being a chef does not. Baking is a measured process. It makes me see cooking in a completely different way. And when I am baking I see things with a different perspective.  I don't feel entirely bound by the rules of baking. I enjoy challenging the limits and using my background to create interesting twists and flavor profiles."

Darrold & Marty Glanville

"Darrold does most of the cooking at our house, and he got interested in bread" says Marty Glanville of Sunrise Flour Mill. This interest led to a friendship with a local baker and the couple eventually opened an organic flour mill. "People would sometimes tell us they couldn't eat our flour because of gluten intolerance. We thought it was a bunch of baloney."

Then Darrold started feeling ill for no apparent reason. After indulging in a heavy meal of pasta and bread and feeling awful the next day, he realized that he too, was gluten intolerant.  He stopped eating all products containing wheat. "Gluten intolerant? And we had a flour mill? It was crazy," she laughs. Darrold felt immediately better on a gluten free diet and was symptom free within 2 months. But Darrold missed bread. This ironic twist created a very personal quest to research wheat and find bread that he could eat. He began investigating ancient grains, in particular heritage wheat. The Glanvilles switched from milling conventional organic wheat to heritage wheat, and became experts in their field, traveling the country and teaching others. Read read more of their story at www.SunriseFlourMill.com.

Dawn Marian

"We call it bread with soul for a reason- it uplifts your body and satisfies your spirit in a way most bread cannot." says Dawn Marian, personal growth and spiritual development coach. When she is not teaching and training she works as the Creative Director for Heritage Breads, putting to use a visual art degree and a love of design and marketing.

"At Heritage Breads we empower ourselves and others to return to a more connected way of eating. This bread comes directly from the source. Not only is the bread beautiful, but it honors an ancient relationship that humans have with bread. It is as nutritious as it is delicious. This is the very essence of bread."  You can learn more about Dawn at www.DawnMarian.com.

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